launch of Evidence Room Information Management


launch of Evidence Room Information Management

Today, ERIN Technology LLC (Evidence Room Information Management) announced the launch of its redesigned website, and the innovative update of their evidence tracking software, ERIN7, an end-to-end chain of custody system for tracking digital and physical evidence.

The website will provide visitors with continuously updated educational content relating to best practices for managing evidence with its included blog provide enhanced evidence management content and resources.

“ERIN7 combines over 17 years of knowledge in this market and provides innovative features never seen before for this type of product. All the knowledge gathered from our customers and support personnel has been included in this version. The website and product release reaffirms our commitment to, and leadership role in the evidence management market.” said Dennis Lamb, founder and president of ERIN Technology LLC.

About ERIN Technology LLC

ERIN Technology LLC is a leader in the world of evidence management software. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York, ERIN Technology assists customers around the world with advanced solutions to improve workflow and secure digital and physical evidence.

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