What makes ERIN7 stand out in the property and evidence room solutions market?


Applying better, more creative solutions to an existing problem.


The most flexible method of screen configurations available.


Browser-based, mobile ready. Our delivery method provides the best availability from any device type, wherever Internet access is available


Utilizing the best-in-class methods for security and real-time monitoring.

Evidence Tracking
Asset Tracking

We know how important it is for you!

Law enforcement administrators and evidence room technicians are tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities, many of which can’t be automated, so it’s important to get help with those that can. Whether you’ve decided to make the transition from old-fashioned systems to modern technology, or need to upgrade the systems you have, ERIN Technology serves all your needs with pocket-friendly cost.

Automating Workflow
What makes ERIN Exclusive in the evidence room solutions market?

Choosing the rightevidence management solution?

An evidence management system, such as ERIN7, will simplify and improve your department’s workflow and productivity. It also ensures the integrity of digital and physical evidence.

Many evidence tracking software systems you find available aren't much more than simple barcode and inventory control systems. ERIN7 provides automation and customization second to none, and includes an unbreakable chain of custody for both digital and physical evidence, facilitating communication between investigators and evidence room technicians, providing notifications, expediting the disposal process, and automates many accountability functions such as audits and inventories.

Ask yourself some of the following:

  • How many items do you have in storage right now?
  • How many items are scheduled for disposal right now?
  • How many items have you disposed this year?

If you are having trouble answering these simple questions, chances are that you could use a new evidence management system.

All digital media, video, audio, pictures, and documents relating to evidence, requires a strong, unbreakable chain of custody just like your other physical items. Keeping all the digital media on DVD’s is a risk for these very important files. As most of us have observed, more digital evidence items are being generated and stored than physical items these days. ERIN7 will help you manage your physical and digital evidence!

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What People Say

From Our Customers...

Officer AJ Ciccone

Rome Police Dept. – NY
ERIN Technology provides the department with fast and accurate data collection and control for tracking and maintaining our property, evidence and inventory. We all know how police officers want systems to work effortlessly and simple. ERIN Technology’s evidence software is simple to use, and produces outstanding results.

Mike Dovick,

Gang Specialist,
Dallas Independent School
District – TX
When it comes to customer service, ERIN Technology is second to none. Issues are handled professionally and with quick resolution. ERIN Technology makes a customer, not just a sale.

Marie Little

Evidence Custodian,
Elmira Police Dept. – NY
The system from ERIN Technology has been a huge time saver when compared to our old paper and card system. The search function alone is one of my favorite features to quickly find any data on a particular piece of evidence or property.



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