ERIN Technology LLC

We are digital evidence management software professionals that provide the tools for your evidence tracking needs.

Who We Are?

How it all started?

ERIN Technology was born after years of technical support to evidence and property room clients and seeing the need for a better evidence system utilizing the latest technology.

Erin Technology Founder Dennis Lamb

What do we do?

Our Mission

To provide secure, user-friendly, efficient software and services to aid in the delivery of justice. We constantly monitor what drives us: innovation, quality, compliance, and customer support

We develop, host and deploy innovative software that provides the first line of defense for chain of custody and evidence integrity.

Mission of Erin Technology
Erin Technology Mission

Our Values

The standard by which we run our company

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Focus & Simplify

Distraction and complexity is the enemy. We fight for focus and simplicity every day.

Live to Learn

The constant pursuit of improvement is why we get out of bed in the morning.

Be Obsessed With
Our Customers

We’re nothing without our customers. ERIN Technology speaks up for the customer.

Do the Right Thing

We have the courage to solve the difficult problems, the duty to speak up, and the resolve to stand for what’s right.

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