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Our evidence tracker will help you resolve the critical issues you face by using our digital evidence management software, ERIN7, which is more than just barcodes and inventory control. It is an end-to-end chain of custody software system for physical and digital evidence.



Evidence Room Information Network

Responsive & Efficient

Work from anywhere and on any internet connected device without installing software, using the browser of your choice. Designed for productivity improvement.

DEMS - Digital Evidence Management

Integrated Digital Evidence Management Software with chain of custody and secure storage, eliminates the need for a separate digital evidence management system.

Site Management

Multiple sites allow for managing separate physical inventory locations.

Custom-Tailored Dashboard

ERIN7 displays important inventory statistics with info-boxes and customizable widgets to easily access detailed information about your evidence. Custom features allow users to build their own widgets and arrange them for the best access and viewing.


A completely browser-based evidence software solution that allows you to enter, view and edit records, print reports, barcode labels, and more via the web browser of your choice. ERIN7’s user interface is designed for workflow and productivity improvements. 


Are you backlogged with case reviews and disposals? The Auto-Review tool is here to help! User-defined follow-up dates let the case officer receive notification when their cases are up for review, making the review and disposal process faster and more efficient.



Professional, robust searching is available for any data in the system. Search for anything with a keyword search, and save searches for repeat usage.  Search result tools allow exporting to different file formats such as Excel or PDF, as well as creating widgets to display various information in the user dashboard.

Report Templates & Custom Forms

ERIN7 presents a report customization module to design your own reports or edit standard system reports such as Chain of Custody, Barcode Labels, Inventory Discrepancy Reports, and many more according to your needs. Using forms in your evidence room processing? Want those forms to be generated automatically? ERIN7 also serves this need with custom forms.

Module Customization

Looking for a solution which fits your special needs? ERIN7 evidence tracker is immensely customizable. You can create as many custom data fields as you wish, design your screens by setting up the order of the fields, rename fields, or remove any inbuilt fields and make it exactly as you want!

Inventory/ Audit Compliance

Always be ready for audits with our easy-to-use inventory and reporting tools. These tedious tasks, in terms of time and cost, are now a thing of the past. Tools such as system generated audit reports, discrepancy reports, and other custom made reports make audit processes smooth and fast.


An internal communication method allowing user to attach different objects such as cases, items, media, and more. Assign tasks to single or multiple users, set due dates, and receive alerts by email and/or text (SMS)


Customize notifications for various actions such as creating cases or items to dispose by sending notifications by an email, text, or by creating a task for one or more users.


Manage activities such as tasks that are due, cases to review, etc., by employing customizable notifications sending out email and/or texts. An administrator user may also be added.


Technology & Infrastructure Features

Secure Media Server

Site Based Permissions

Cloud SaaS or On Premise

Highly Secure

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Custom Permissions Structure

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Private Cloud Options

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Updates Applied Bi-Weekly

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Concurrent Licensing

Data Import Services

API Infrastructure for interfacing to other systems, such as an RMS


Support & Documentation

24X7 Email & Web Support

Online Training




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