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Equipment and Asset Tracking

Maintain quality management system accountability for a wide range of asset tracking equipment so that you can be certain at all times who has what and where, with a complete audit trail and history of transfers of custodianship. Not only can you track your firearms, tools, and equipment, but you can ensure they are safe and maintained to meet your compliance requirements. Our digital evidence management software can help you with all of your asset tracking needs.

Ditch the Spreadsheets to Track, Protect, & Comply

Seamlessly track and maintain your law enforcement assets with our intuitive, web-based system, QMS

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Asset Tracking Questions

Answered with our QMS asset tracking (Quartermaster) solution

What is it?

The Asset

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Add and track any type of police equipment; including items such as portable radios, weapons, electronics, computer equipment, cameras and more.

Where is it?

Last Seen Location


Track assets at any location – from where they were to where they have been moved to. Locations may be anywhere – including equipment rooms, weapons lockers, vehicles, repair shops, or even permanently assigned to members.

Who has it?

Member Last Seen with it


Any person who is responsible for an asset can be added into QMS. This includes all police members, administrators, IT staff – anyone who might be using, checking out or assigned to an asset.



Responsive & Efficient

Work from anywhere and on any internet connected device without installing software, using the browser of your choice. Designed for productivity improvement.

Inventory & Stock Control

Track assets, supplies, and equipment in your inventory. Issue and loan assets to personnel or departments with a complete tracking and reporting.

Barcoding & Signatures

Make your inventory management less tedious with barcode labels and scanning, and reduce the need for manual intervention. An integrated digital signature module eliminates the need of the paper records and ink signatures.


Purchase order tracking so you always know the status of an asset or item ordered. Keep a sharp eye on expenditures related to specific grants or funding, and produce comprehensive reports for agency requirements.

Tailor Made Reports

Comprehensive searching and reports on all data stored. Powerful data queries and filtering makes data available at your fingertips.


Role-based permissions with configurable security, assures appropriate access levels for each user


Full auditing capability for both inventory audits and user history information on deleted, added, or changed data.


The flexibility to allow changes to the user interface, fields, or screens to better suit your department’s specific needs

Automated Alerts

Stay informed on reorder points, actions, deadlines, scheduled tasks, and security breaches with system dashboard notifications and automatic email alerts.

Data Integrity

Exclusive tools make data importing and exporting to various file formats, a simple task.


Scanning, Report Templates & Custom Forms

Use 1D or 2D barcodes for labels, reports, and inventory. Design, modify labels and reports as needed in the report builder module and generate custom forms.


Plan your budget and spending for the year to manage financial goals.


Support & Documentation

24X7 Email & Web Support





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