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Digital and physical evidence handling were designed into ERIN7 from the beginning, and there is a secure chain of custody with an audit log that tracks everything done in the system by every user. Using MS Azure Government hosting and keeping each customer separate in a multi-tenant database, it becomes one of the most secure and compliant systems available for any customer.

Either one! We offer the same system both ways. While we feel our hosted SaaS system using MS Azure Government offers the most secure and compliant option available, we understand your organization may have other requirements.  We consult with you to help set the system up in the most efficient manner possible.

All physical and digital evidence is securely tracked in ERIN7, providing a secure chain of custody and audit log.

ERIN7 allows for full screen customization for various user types, such as Investigators or Administrators. Even categories of items may have separate data fields collected. You can easily add new fields, change the labels on existing fields, and even set the order of fields on the screen.

Give us your data and we will convert it. We are specialists in this. As long as it’s in a standard format such as .csv files, or if you have the format for the data, we can move it to ERIN7 in a MS SQL database.

ERIN7 is a Microsoft Windows; .NET Core application that uses MS SQL. It is compatible with any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

There is no requirement for special hardware to access ERIN7, just an internet connected device and web browser. For true productivity you will want to have a barcode scanner and a label printer. Any bar code scanner capable of reading 1D (Code128) bar codes will work with ERIN7. We recommend a scanner that can also read 2D bar codes, including QR and PDF417, the latter of which is the type of bar code found on the back of US driver’s licenses.

There is no additional charge for updates, add-ons, or other functions that take away from your planned resources. All software modules are included and clients who are on our hosted system or on maintenance at their site, have no restrictions or limits. Compare that to the cost of our competition!

If you choose to use our hosted (cloud) version of ERIN7, your database and digital evidence will be encrypted and in one of the safest locations possible, Microsoft's Azure Government cloud service. "MS Azure Government is an isolated Azure Region designed to allow US government agencies and other customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements. Multiple geographic regions allow you to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures”.

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