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At Erin Technology, we take pride in offering not only some of the best evidence management software in the industry but also excellent customer service. Our ERIN7 system is a robust digital evidence management system that will help you resolve the critical issues you face when it comes to asset tracking. We like to think of it as an end-to-end chain of custody software system for physical and digital evidence. Please contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from our services. 

Consultation Service


We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business

ERIN Technology has a specialized technical team to assist prospective and current clients with implementing best practices and procedures, when they are venturing into new territory or striving to make the most of automation.

We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business


Based on your organization’s needs, we build a plan for the configuration of our software, along with any customization that is required for the implementation. As part of this process, we will include suggestions based on our experience. Then we will test and import any existing data, and initial inventory of storage rooms, assets, or equipment that has been deployed. We will train the trainers in their respective roles. At go-live, we will be available either online or at your site to work with key users as they begin to employ the system.

Implementation Process
training programs


We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business

Intuitive training programs specially designed for the officers and evidence room technicians. ERIN Technology has also implemented a re-training program that offers one on one web sessions to new hires in order to better understand our system and use it to full capabilities.

Data Porting

We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business

ERIN Technology follows a standard 5 step process – Identify Source Data, Duplicate Records, Data Mapping , Transformations & Translations, and Trial Migration review to ensure data conversion authenticity and reduce risks involved with migration processes like data loss or compatibility issues.

Data porting
data Integration

Data Integration

We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business

We partner with several third parties and clients to provide an automated, seamless experience to our ERIN7 application. These integrated or interfaced applications often work in conjunction with current systems in an enhanced mode.

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