About Our Story

About Our Story

We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business

ERIN Technology LLC started creating our software system, ERIN (ERIN stands for Evidence Room Information Network), around the same time we purchased PRIMS from KART Digital in 2010. When introduced, PRIMS was truly leading-edge software for evidence management, but we saw the need for a better system utilizing new technology, such as Microsoft .NET and SQL. Software flexible enough to handle forensic groups, federal and state agencies, police departments, sheriffs, and university police.

Our team observed that many needs for agencies were not being met by current software vendors and included various methods of driving up costs, even during the severe budget constraints all agencies are now experiencing. Knowing new and better technology would enable software that is easier to use, more flexible, simpler to support, and more productive to the end user; we have developed the latest generation of tracking software called ERIN7.

ERIN7 is a powerful and modern software solution for tracking almost anything. Our customers include law enforcement and other organizations requiring an automated inventory system with a complete chain of custody and audit log. It provides a barcode system to manage and track property and evidence, along with digital media such as pictures, documents, audio files, and videos. ERIN7 creates an unalterable and airtight chain of custody records extending from the crime scene to the lab, to the courtroom, and final disposition.

With ERIN7’s combination of advanced technology, such as .NET Core, SQL, HTML5, and jQuery, we created software designed for productivity, workflow, and a more effective tool for you as the end user. Moreover, it does this cost-effectively to fit the economic situation facing us in today’s economy.

ERIN Technology LLC provides installation support, complete training, consulting and needs analysis to determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your department based on your needs and strategies.

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